Aridia Pizarro Studio Is Spain Company Studio Found In 3 July 2011

July 2011-October 2012 Edit

October 2012-June 2013 Edit

June 2013-April 2014 Edit

April 2014-July 2015 Edit

July 2015-July 2017 Edit

July 2017-Present Edit

Bandicam 2017-06-20 21-33-46-876
Aridia Pizarro Studio 201700:15

Aridia Pizarro Studio 2017

Nicknames:Aridia The Svensk-Filmindustri ?

Logo:Same Design On Svensk-Flimindustri 1984 But Uses Pink Laser and Aridia Pizarro's Devianart

Variant:In 2017 the Studio celebrated their 6th anniversary

FX/SFX:The laser drawing, the lines moving ,Aridia Pizarro'S Devianart  shining and Aridia Pizarro Studio appearing.

Cheesy Factor: This Have Copy Version Of SF (Svensk-Filmindustri) from 1984-1999

Music/Sounds:Same Sound From Svensk Filmindustri 1984

Availability:K.k 2005 the Youtube

Scare Factor:Low

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